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  1. cool

    • There’s this girl in my psychology class and I haven’t built up enough courage to talk to her yet. I just want her to be mine.

      • Just be your self do not try to be somthing your not

        • That’s not even an advice mate stop telling people to just be them selves, it’s not enough you have to stand out, what point of being your self when 5 other guys are hitting on her every single day, i am not saying being your self suck i am just saying it’s not going to sweep her off her feet

          • I think you should talk to her and get to know her then you should get know her than she knows about you therefore she gets more curious about you.

          • That James guy knows what he’s on about. He has got a good point since when has ” be yourself” been helpful?

            Plus, anyone got any ideas on how to get a girl who is playing hard to get, and is pretending she doesn’t know me?

        • actually being yourself doesnt work being what she likes works more leadt for me

    • Thank you!

    • Would really love to learn the skill

  2. Need help, i think i made a big mistake and would like to patch things up with this girl

  3. ARJOON MALOO says


    • That’s one way to invite bad karma your way for sure! Plenty of other women in this world.

      • Badbadbadbadbadbad idea. The worst thing you can do is to try to make a married woman act unfaithful. If she is married, then she is probably perfectly happy. She should know that marriage is a holy thing, and you need to know that too!

    • Don’t do it bro

      • Agreed… You have to live with that and so does she. Can’t take it back once you do it. And if she’s willing to then you’ll never truly be able to trust her.

  4. How can I get a girl to love me as fast as possibl

    • I’m a girl. Your post is sooo cute! Everyone is different, so this is kinda tricky. Most girls like a guy who smiles, you don’t have to be rainbows and unicorns, but a quite reserved guy with a bright smile makes me curious about him. And a boyish guy makes me feel warm. Just examples. And if your girl is into bad boys, girls usually want to a) “save the guy” or b) they find it firmiliar. Also depends on your intentions, if you want in her pants(that and only that), then I have just wasted 3 minutes on a guy who would probably tick me off if we ever met, otherwise, most girls appriciate a guy who will stick around and be nice to them. As long as they aren’t clingy or pushy.

      • That’s true but I’m just a guy looking for a relationship with someone like you or similar cuz its kinda hard for me to find someone and not screw it up

      • I actually found this more enartteining than James Joyce.

      • Hey bro take it easy it will come with time take it easy hit your marks i have been with my girl for 14 years we have three great children together trust me it did not happen over night

  5. I seem to screw things up through texting

  6. yuh hyacinth says

    i will like to receive your video

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  8. Anderson Khan says

    Really want to spark the fire in a just friends relationship.

  9. Wow

  10. I need this video So i could get this girl i really like

  11. Will this technique work lady to lady?
    I HAVE NO INTENTION ON TELLING OTHERS (especially women) ABOUT THIS. Please believe me

  12. Wesley Czar says

    This technique sounds amazing I’m hoping its legitimate. My only concern is, how to avoid abusing this “loop hole method”. As you previously warned; it can be dangerous? I hope your video will elaborate on this topic and of course the forbidden technique

  13. ty

  14. I really need this video for a long lasting relationship. Thanks

  15. Great

  16. fordwin onyango santiago says

    I really need a white girl and how can i get them.

  17. Thank you Derek. I would like to learn more about your program. I am confused on a couple things? But I believe it will work.

  18. i always get nervous when approaching girls
    i don’t talk always
    they think am creepy

    i like this girl who was my classmate but got transferred to another school, the problem i have got is their is
    another boy who is trying to attract her and he is good in women
    am afraid the girl will follow him
    please help

    • Bro chillax, start talking what’s the worse that can happen? Its better to say something, or else the other guy will get her, and youn wouldn’t have even tried. Then youre gonna keep reminiscing over it, and fall in a state of depression. Sometimes you just gotta cup your cahones and do the thing man! Smoke some reefer and chill, I think you have a problem of over thinking and you think she will think what you’re saying is weird when infact it might not be weird. Or better yet take some adderall you’ll be
      Talking in no time!

    • Life is too short, lemme get her phone number and ill holla at her sooo good for you!

    • There isn’t really much good advice on this situation, in my personal opinion… I guess that the only real option is to let her know you are there in a subtle way, and to be nice to her. Don’t follow her constantly, start out as a good friend, and she will probably see that this other guy is most likely after something purely physical. After that, just try to be there for her when she needs support, and she will notice you. I hope that helps! : )

  19. i will be appreciating
    if i got help from your side
    plz send for me

  20. I am an amateur in the game of seduction i i need help from the Masters.

  21. lets see if these techniques are as good as you say they are.

  22. cool

  23. I really need this video for a long relationship with this girl I like

  24. Can you email me the basic of this technique .. Am indeedly in need of your help

  25. micheal campbell says

    i would love to see this video…

  26. i want my soul mate to depend on me in all her positive emotional says

    i think this is really going to help me al lot to have my soul mate all to myself.

  27. i hope this shit works

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  29. I really need this advice. Nothing has seemed to work for me and I have been doing everything I can

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  31. Patrick Simpson says

    Am glad that there is still another kingsalaman alive

  32. Alejandro Martinez says

    I like this specific girl for a long time, never got the chance to get close to her, just got her # recently and I’d like to do things right

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  34. I really need this vedio. My relationship is going down. My girl took off our engagement ring. Please send me the video.

  35. There is this girl I love so much and am not ready to loose her like I loose other girls in the past

  36. im in need of a really relationship. a woman i can marry but im fail to get one

  37. I really need your help i’m from SA.

  38. I’m having problems with girls

  39. I’m a girl and if I were you I would make sure the happy is ad memorable as the downer. In the video, most of it was happy, then their was a brief but heavy downer with a non-awkward transition. My friend tried this on me when we met, he’s a sunny person, think the guy everyone’s kinda friends with but doesn’t know very well, so he used that as his positive, and he talked about his tough home life for the downer. This was a problem because our conversation was really light before when he changed to a serious tone before i could wipe the smile off my face. It was a awkward transition because i had no idea what to say. So I steered it to something cheerier. But he kept on trying way to hard to get it back there, it made him seem like he was wallowing in self pity, overdramatic, and attention needy. I guess it ended up working though. Now I would date him if I wasn’t head over heels for his buddy.

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  41. I like this girl but cant really show her how I feel through texting

  42. Hiii :-)) love your Idea hope it will help me be once again with my Girl….,I love her so much*awesome*

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  45. tired of being lonely

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  47. Plzz I need the video, there is this girl in my area, she is very pretty, we are friends but I want more than that and I know she wants the same to but I don’t know how to approach her

  48. I’d love some help. Im a sensitive guy and I feel im being too nice. I’d rather be nice to someone that’s actually worth it that’s all.

  49. I need this video.

  50. *̩ always srew things up

  51. Nice!

  52. Please send me the video

  53. hiralal mushahary says

    Please send for me your video, I hope this is going to help me to find out my lifepartner
    Thanking you.

  54. I’ll authentically utilize this technique in an ethical manner not to harm women.

  55. I realy need this man I dont have any game at all… im pritty deasent looking but I just cat talk to girls…

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  58. Kyle rudasil says

    Hey this Kyle from Texas good guy just broke up with my girl need help with some game plz

  59. l’m having a crush on a girl, of which I think she crushes back. The problem is her beliefs doesn’t allow her to date any one who’s not a witness because she’s a witness.

  60. l’m having a crush on a girl, of which I think she crushes back. The problem is her beliefs doesn’t allow her to date any one who’s not a witness because she’s a witness. I’ve tried convincing but it not working. what should I do.

  61. am dating a woman who has two kids.she has realise that i love her.she behaviours differently since she got to know about it.what do you think is the best for me.i have started behaving different now myself.please send me the vedio.

  62. Like to have it!

  63. Sir.Derek,thank you for this valuable information,I respect what you have said and I swear not to publish or misuse this video.I hope to see it in my inbox,thanks anyways .

  64. Hey there
    I’ve seperated with my wife after 13 years and I’m heart broken we hav four boys together. I’ve tried every thing in my power to get us back as a family. I would love the video. To win the heart of my love of my life

    Thank you for your time in reading this

  65. Meeting a girl and want to impress her.

  66. These this girl I’ve been chasing for couple of months I really like her please send me the video…she says she likes me back she’s not sure if I realy love her she thinks am going to use her like other guys.

  67. OK Well I doubt I will ever get a response from this let alone that video that has worked up my curiosity to the Max but I have a bad habit of falling in love with girls who never look at me as more than a friend and it tears me up to know I’ve found love so many times but never no how to get them to feel the same and that’s Why it would mean so much to me if I could learn this trick and master it becuz I need my other half

  68. my friend at school kows i like her but she wont say anything back and i think om stuck in tthe friends zone

    • Anthony Jones says

      You have to ask the question,”do you like me”,and she will give you the response and if she says yes,you guys could have a chance,but on the other hand if she says no,you culd move on and find somebody else,and remember this,there is more fish in the sea

  69. I want more than friends.

  70. She is in my biology class nd i dont have courage to talk her so can i be helped?????

  71. I have the worse luck with women when I thought I have found the right person they quickly loose interests in me and I’m left heart broken

  72. their is dis girl dat has baby for me.I luv her so much,I want her to b mine.but she is fucking arround.what do I do.I am seriously feeling over powerd please

    • Anthony Jones says

      Be a man and take care of the situation.just keep her in check.Just make her see that you are the man,you feel me?

  73. i really need it i don’t even have a friend that is a girl

  74. I want this woman badly we have a lot in common but we still not as close as I would like to be

  75. jamesbaillie says

    Im a sales psychology trainer I like nlp teach me this vairiant please

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  77. please send me this vid there this i girl which i really like but i don’t know how to get her to feel the same way btw i’m not from baltimore so don’t worry about competition anyway

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  80. Sanjeeb kumar sahoo says

    M a engineering student nd my gf also. I want to kiss her but dont kno how to start kissing. Can u explain it ?

  81. Junsen katie says

    please am Junsen in PNG at DWU admires alot my course girl but i took her as my sister but recently I ask her whether she has a boyfriend or not and she replied this ”
    hi bro….good day
    I have someone 1 but its a secret for him and I, won’t tell you he’s here or not coz its personal, its not a big deal though.
    thanks for asking….
    Blessed day!!!! ” WHAT DOES THAT SIMPLY MEAN??????

  82. I want to see what this is all about. Maybe I can learn something, I already know or don’t.

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  87. Anthony Jones says

    Well there’s this girl in my English class and she is beautiful and she has black hair hazel greenish shiny eyes and her voice sounds like a angle,and I am almost in there but I want her to in love with me.I think she could be my Bæ and I could be hers.Somebody just tells what I should do.

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    I have this girl who is playing hard to get & am scared of losing her.

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  99. I have this girl on my bbm list
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    I built raport with her
    but any time I ask her to let us meet in person,she doesnt show up
    I shared a friend of mine’s pin to her
    Now the guy is fallng inlove with her
    Pls what do I do??

  100. Good thing that the Brother-hood still looks out for brothers in need. Got a problem with the wemen i meet like to play mind games with me, somewhat i get beaten. This article has change thing.

  101. hi man i am a new person and never dated a girl before so i want my first aproach to the girl i will purpose to be perfect and i promise that i wont share this witha nyone even my bestfriend so can you kindly send me the video please i will very much appriciate it thanx

  102. hi man i am a new person and never dated a girl before so i want my first aproach to the girl i will purpose to be perfect and i promise that i wont share this witha anyone even my bestfriend so can you kindly send me the video please i will very much appriciate it thanx

  103. Pls send me the video too, sounds very interresting.

  104. Empty Black says

    I have known this girl for two years so far.
    We started out as friends.
    She’s been dating this guy for five years that isn’t good for her.
    I love her a lot and I want her to be with me and not him.
    She has told me before that she wants me but I resist and I don’t make a move.
    I just want things to be right when I get her

  105. Troy Horsford says

    having a girl in my life would be great as I am single dad

  106. I’m in love with a girl who’s been damaged by assholes in the past!!

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  110. so there is this girl in my school that I’m like madly in love with and she happens to be my best friend, I told her several times about how I feel about her and she says she feels the same way but she also says she can’t be with me becuse I dated her best friend at the beggining of the year and she’s still in love with me so she doesn’t want to hurt her by dating me, I need advise on what to do because I tried everything I’m just to much in love with her what do I do?

  111. Hey Matt.
    First i want to say i real all your articles how to beat a womans game. But in this situation im in now, i need help. (I found your email, when reading about fractionation of women)

    Im being played by my “crush”. She is trying to make me jealous. We have had good connection in the past days, But ive tried tactics like being an Alpha male and so on. It is working But She have changed the game around Completely.

    Recently i refused to go on a party, which i already knew She would participate in. At the party, She is hanging her arms around with my old buddy, from my neighboorhood. And a girl Keep sending me picture trough snapchat of She holding around my old buddy.

    And why him? My neighboorhood is so small and he is the only one from where i live. I dont Get i know very well my old buddy isnt attracted to her because she isnt her type…are these two doing to avenge me? Cause my relationship with my old buddy have never Been great.

    Maybe she wants him, who knows? But i feel its obvious she wants to make feel jelaous, or bad. And Yes, im being together with hot friends of her,all the time. And i know she doesnt like it. Maybe this is a way to anvenge me? Because the friend im with now, she have no chance with hooking up because they know her. But my old buddy is from where i live, purist of town. And maybe she is just looking to hook up with someone. I reallly do have right with girls, But im not sure now. I need your expertise and advise.

    PS: ( Please dont judge me as cocky of saying this But ithink this is information you need, to help me)

    Lets talk about me, my old buddy and her.
    Im the best looking of them three. I have looks, personality and attractivness of other women. My old buddy is not as good looking, personality is..meh and he aint very attractive from my point of view.

    And now we have my “crush”..she is not as goodlooking, when i first met her i wasnt attracted at all, But she has friends that was my friends and Then we got together. She is not attractive at all to other guys. My friend was freaking out when i told him my “crush” was a 7/10. (I didnt tell her i got a crush).

    My friend have gone through school with her and tells me she is not worth it. I know i could do better, much better, but i dont know whats happening right know. Im fersking out, and i need help from the best, who have may gone through this before. How is the best way to play it when we meet on school on Monday. ( im not a young guy).

    But im still attracted. And im kinda hurt after the party…and im angry myself not to come to the party. I need to change the game to mine benefits.

    And how much i dont wanna care, i still do… I think im being played because i feel Its obvious. Im still in the Beta male prosess, im not an Alpha yet. But ithink if i can change her game to mine benefits and make her want me, i am on a good way to an Alpha male.

    Im not sure what im trying to achieve But i reallly need to set her and my old buddy on place. How do i change the game to mine benefits.

    I have always wanted to make my feelings go away from this girl. I dont have feelings for women, which makes it so much easier to be confident.
    For some years ago i had kinda the same conflict. I was attracted to a girl, and i couldnt take my mind off her. In some tricky ways, i manage to hook up with her( make out) and my feelings disappeared. I want this to happen now, i dont want my feelings broke. I want my feelings for this girl to disappear And the only way for that is to win her to completely to me. Ithink only making out with her is only going to make it worse, i need to Completely win her.

    If you help me on this and Its working, i will DONATE WHATEVER SUM YOU WANT, i want to donate from all help your articles have helped. I reallly need help, how do i play this.
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  112. I am curious about something. Normally i dont subscibe to anything because of cost. Do i pay for this or what? The only subscribing i have done is over youtube so idk anything :/. Is there money involved such as annual payments?

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  120. I just need help picking up women. I am shy and backwards sometimes, not all the time but most of the time.

  121. Need to get my wife to love me again. How can you help me?

  122. She say she loves me but never shows it

    • Just pretend like you don’t care. She’s use to the attention you give her and when you act like you don’t care she’ll start missing you

  123. I am in love with a close friend but I don’t know what to do.

  124. Ken Mumsick says

    I don’t have the courage to approach women!

  125. Need help to save my marriage of nine years

  126. There is this girl in my class i love very much but do not have the courage to tell her how i feel and do not know how to talk to her.I think i need help.

  127. Drew peacock says

    I’ve liked a girl for four years now, she knows I do but I feel like we’re too good friends now. I’ve asked her out and she’s said no but I can’t move on and I don’t know what to do. I talk to her often still but it’s just hard. I can’t stop thinking about her. Don’t say just move on because that’s what my mates said but I can’t. I’ve fallen in love with one of my best friends

  128. Thank you 😉

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