Black Rose Sequence – How You Can Seduce Women Using Mind Control Enslavement

OK, first, let’s make a couple of things clear. If you’re watching this video now, chances are that you’ve heard of the Black Rose Sequence somewhere. Before you waste your time, I must let you know that the original Black Rose Sequence is inside Derek Rake’s infamous Shogun Method. If you have found a version somewhere else, it’s most probably a fake.

It’s impossible for me to explain the entire Black Rose Sequence in this short video, but I’ll give you enough information that you can pretty much use today on the woman that you want to seduce. Promise me to watch this short video up until the very end, alright? Great! 🙂

Watch this video below to find out what’s the Black Rose Sequence –

Here’s what the Black Rose Sequence is about. What you want to do to seduce a woman and make her yours forever is to completely “remove” her identity and replace it with one that you create. In some circles, this is called “brainwashing”, but this is not as insidious or evil as it sounds.

Inside the Black Rose Sequence, first, you get a woman comfortable by getting her to imagine things that make her happy. Then, you quickly switch modes and get her to imagine things that make her sad. By doing this, you are putting her on an emotional rollercoaster, and if you are familiar with Derek Rake’s work, you’ll recognize that this is the Fractionation technique that he is famous for.

You’ll then continue to manipulate this feeling and make it travel through her body. She might imagine extreme pleasure and pain, shifting between the two states as you make her go into a slight trance.

When you’ve done this, then she is ready to get her identity wiped out. In its place, you will place a new identity which is obedient to you. Really powerful stuff!

The Black Rose Sequence is inside Derek Rake’s Shogun Method, specifically inside the Enslavement module.

The mistake that most guys make is to completely jump into the Black Rose Sequence and try to use it on women. It doesn’t work like that, trust me! The Black Rose Sequence is inside the Enslavement stage, which is the final step in seduction.

Before you attempt anything inside the Enslavement stage, you must first build rapport and attract her. Specifically inside the Shogun Method, you’ll need to go through these three stages first: Intrigue, Rapport and Attraction before going into Enslavement.

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