How To Beat A Woman’s Mind Games

Just last week I met up with a mentee of mine (let’s call him John) who writhed to me, “Matt, I’ve been played.” He then complained about the frequent mind games that his woman played on him, and how he got driven to the edge of his sanity from these mind games.

I empathized with John because I was in a similar position many years ago… way before I founded the Baltimore Seduction Lair ( of course.

Over the years, I’ve come to this realization – regardless of whether you are just dating around or are in a serious relationship with a woman, you need to learn how to beat a woman’s mind games if you don’t want to be stepped over by these goddesses all your life.

Mind games come part and parcel with seduction!

Mind games come part and parcel with seduction!

The sad fact is that women play mind games all the time when they want to get men to do things that they want or need. Sometimes, they make men jump through hoops just to feel validated and powerful. Truth!

And guess what… seasoned seducers do not put up with a woman’s nonsense, no matter how hot she is. 😉

F0rtunately in some cases, they use methods that are easy to spot, like playing hard-to-get or just blatantly using you. These are red flags that you may want to avoid.

So the bottom line is this: you should never fall prey to a woman’s mind games under any circumstance.

Woman playing mind games with menOne thing remains clear… you should learn how to beat those simple yet extremely powerful games of theirs. We’ll show you how to do just that.

You’ll discover how to regain all your power back in the relationship, and save yourself from any potential embarrassment from getting pussywhipped by your woman. Trust me: there’s nothing worse than getting controlled and dominated by a woman in a relationship!

Keep reading to find out what the most common female mind games are and how you can beat them with ease. Dig in!

The Game of Jealousy

Here are some surefire signs that you are being played:

  1. She talks with other men in front of you and openly flirts with them
  2. She praises other men in front of you and others (especially among her friends and family members)
  3. She comments on highly inappropriate things about other men (“he must be great in bed!”)

Yes, women pull that kind of crap all the time.

Why do they do that?

Simple, really. She will intentionally try to make you jealous because she knows that you will end up trying harder to impress her when you do so.

(This is one of the reasons why she might start playing hard-to-get as well.)

Sidenote: Women play mind games because it’s hard rooted in their psyche. Read this guide on female psychology to better understand this.

The best way to beat this game is simple… don’t react to anything that she says at all.

Regardless of how over-the-top her praises (to other men) might be, you shouldn’t show her that you are affected by them.

If you stay confident in your skin and do not react to what she says in any way, she will eventually get tired of her game (it’s just a matter of time.) She will then realize that you aren’t affected by petty things like jealousy anymore.

She may even drop going down the route of mind games altogether if she doesn’t get any response from you.

Remember: it’s all a ploy to get you to react to her. Beat her at her own game by being indifferent.

Mind games women play

The Game of Disrespect

Every couple will go through a time where disrespect is the main problem.

(Indeed, this is one of the biggest sticking points of newbies who just joined the Baltimore Lair).

When a relationship starts, everything is hunky dory. (Enjoy that while it lasts!)

However, every relationship will soon reach a stage where the woman would want to prove that she has the upper hand. This is the point where there will be a tussle for control and dominance in the relationship.

This is basically the stage wherein women want to prove that they still have the upper hand in the relationship.

The best way to beat the Game of Disrespect would be to let her know that you value self-respect more than anything else. Yes, this means that she becomes secondary to your own self-respect.

Once you open her eyes to this simple fact, she is sure to drop the game and run back into your arms again. Why? Because then she will be afraid to lose you (if you play your cards right.)

Girl playing mind games on you?

She’s playing mind games with you just because she wants attention, and nothing more.

So, if you want to learn how to beat a woman’s mind games, you either have to ignore her completely or be blunt with her. You should even scare her a little bit.

Remember: women only play these games because they are craving attention. If you stop giving them attention, the mind games will stop.

If you call her out with confidence, stand firm and show her that you won’t tolerate any of that nonsense, she is sure to stop the game altogether…

… Or if you don’t, then the cycle will simply keep on going without end.

What if she doesn’t yield? Well, who cares? Just tool up on your pickup and seduction techniques (read our legendary Art Of The Pickup guide) and you won’t be shortage of women throwing themselves at you. Truth!

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The Ultimate Cure-All

Through our experience of coaching men in the Baltimore Lair more the last 14 years, we have come to know this: a potent combination of Jealousy and Disrespect usually marks the end of the seducer.

Remember that when a woman plays mind games on you, it’s a sign that she’s taking control of the relationship. And that’s also the beginning of the end if you don’t solve the problem immediately.

It’s possible to recover, of course, but it’s a steep mountain to climb. Problems like women mind games are best nipped in the bud.

Take heart, however, because there’s a solution. It’s not a “magic pill”, but if you do it correctly, women mind games will be a thing of the past. She will completely transform into a docile little kitten yearning for your control and domination.

Learn fractionation to make her want you!This solution is Fractionation – which you may already know as the “grand daddy” of all Mind Control seduction techniques. Indeed, once you mastered this technique you will be able to know exactly what and how a woman thinks – and this is tremendous advantage to any seducer. It’s like having an X-Ray vision into the female mind.

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Finally remember: FIGHT FIRE WITH FIRE!

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