1. Ryan Sherman says:

    Maybe the you should talk or eat together that would be nice !! and she getting bills after you eat maybe that girls like you :))

  2. Blow jobs are usually a sure sign.

  3. I have a colleague who used to work in my office whom I fell in love with. She used to wear a wonderful perfume. I never told her anything due to professional reasons.
    She was transferred to another office and we started regular chats via an internal communicator system. What used to be just professional became very personal.
    I ended up telling her that I loved her perfume and it was very feminine and nice….She told me “why don’t you buy it and give it to someone?” …I said…”how about if someone doesn’t like it ?”…she said….”you can buy it for your next someone”…….Hmmm…interesting conversation……what do you think ?

    • Matthew Ganz says:

      A sure interest indicator. Important to keep building up the attraction, and then move on to comfort phase.

  4. See, i like someone named sarah. And she does all of the above, besides #6. So, how would i know sf she still likes me?

    • Matthew Ganz says:

      All you need is just one or two of these signals. Then move on to build up attraction, and move on to comfort phase. Read religiously. :)

  5. StStephy says:

    Those are all signs that a girl is flirting with you, but they aren´t at all unconscious actions girls fall into when they like a guy. They use the same techniques on guys they want attention from, but they are not really interested on sleeping with, or dating at all.
    Girls use those techniques also to keep guys “friend-zoned” when they feel like they are drifting away.
    I´m sure you´re a super casanova, and might have mastered seduction techniques, but guys without your skill could be confused.
    When a girl is really into you, not just consciously flirting, you should look at the “mistakes” she makes while flirting (overflirting, trying too hard to keep her cool and stuff) If she gives you explanations you never asked for while telling you a story, about why she did something, it´s likely that she´s really into you, and doesn´t want you to think lower of her, those are the kind of signs that give her away. If she´s flirting, she may not be into you at all, she may just be flattering herself with your attention.

    • Matthew Ganz says:

      That’s a very valid point. A woman player will know these signs and then “fake” them in order to trap a guy.

      It takes experience to catch a woman player. Comes with practice! :)

  6. Issac Roscow says:

    Ok so in school I have a crush on melody, I always tease her and normally in class she responds by calling names back at me But then ,Matthew my best bro had a crossword puzzle which she showed her name on it I called her that then she smiled slightly and stared at me which then she turned her head around. Does she like me?

  7. lawrence royce delos santos says:

    i know a girl, we live in one house with my cousin, she always make jokes that make me smile every time . . . XD .
    is that a sign?? :D .

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