Stick Into Her Mind (How to Make a Woman Think About You)

iStock_000006339084XSmallIf you really want to make a woman like you a lot, then you have to make sure you learn how to make a woman think about you 24/7 first. Unfortunately, this isn’t that easy to do since you won’t be around her 24/7 to make sure that you are on her mind during that time. So, what can you do to make her think about you when you aren’t around, then?

  • Be in Demand.

Make her feel insecure about herself every once in a while. Although it is important to be loyal to her, you also have to make sure that she knows you are in demand with other ladies, too. This will ensure that she never takes you for granted and will make her work harder to keep your attention on her at the same time.

  • Respect Her.

Women love men who know how to respect both women and men alike. Since there aren’t a lot of respectful men in today’s day and age anymore, this particular trait is sure to keep any woman hooked onto you the minute you start displaying it.

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  • Be Unpredictable.

The majority of men out there are pretty predictable, so women have no trouble figuring out when and how men will react in certain situations. Unfortunately, women get bored of doing this quite easily. So, if you want to keep a woman interested in you for as long as possible, hide certain things about yourself and create an aura of mystery that will keep her guessing when it comes to what kind of man you are. Change up your dates a bit, too. Basically, just be different and you are sure to get her thinking about you all the time.

  • Give Her Space.

Do not hang around a woman all the time. Instead, give her space to miss you every once in a while. The truth is: if you stay away from her for a while, she will start thinking about you more than if you are constantly hanging over her shoulder. In fact, some space would be absolutely vital if you want to build and maintain attraction with time.

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  • Give Her a Hard Time.

Contrary to popular belief, you shouldn’t always agree with everything a woman says. In fact, you have to give her a hard time sometimes and make her work for your approval. Not only will this help you keep the power in the relationship on your side, but it will also build up the attraction much faster and make her think about you more than usual.

  • Keep the Power.

On that note, you have to keep the power in the relationship at all times. Keep in mind that there is a fine balance here that will determine who calls the shots whenever you are together. If you ever let go of that particular power, you will never be able to make decisions again – especially when it matters. So, make her feel and know that you make the decisions in the relationship and not vice versa  .


  1. Nembo king says:

    these methods seems to be fabulous i shall try it and see

  2. B.I.CHITUYI says:

    That the truth and it works

  3. She says friends natin more or less
    What should I do

    • Just back off from her for a while, if she interested even just a little, it will drive her crazy. Wait for her to contact you, when she does, just tell her you’ve been busy, dont apologise, just say ‘Yo, i’ve been busy, whats up?’ Try and ACTUALLY be busy though. If she doesnt contact you after two weeks, just give up.

  4. My wife say give her space

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