How to Manipulate a Woman’s Mind

A lot of men are interested in learning how to manipulate a woman’s mind. Yes, even the most innocent, well-meaning average frustrated chumps (AFCs) would tell me in private that they would somehow want a surefire method to control a woman and completely dominate her. I’m not gonna lie!

Without a doubt, the Mind Manipulation technique (especially the variant used by the disciples of Derek Rake) is generally very attractive, especially if you believe that the woman of your dreams would never be attracted to you otherwise. If you keep running into women who aren’t interested in you and even go so far as to avoid you when they see you, then you really only have two options:-

  1. You can either move on and find somebody else, or
  2. (Shamelessly) use certain (amoral) seduction tricks to make that woman like you in the end, regardless of how she may have felt for you in the beginning.

Remember that your own moral stance is irrelevant as far as goes, and whatever you do with this technique is entirely your own responsibility. Also, as a side-note – the techniques outlined below are a subset of what’s known as fractionation – the grand-daddy of all covert seduction techniques. Learn fractionation here.

Before you try these Mind Manipulation techniques, you must first develop rapport with the woman that you want to attract – otherwise you might just come off as a total weirdo, or worse, a creep. The good news is that if you can develop superior rapport with her you can make her fall for you instantly. If you can do that right from the beginning, then you might not even have to try any other mind manipulation tactics to control her anymore.

The Art Of Mind Manipulation: The SIBG Formula

Of course, we have talked about Mind Manipulation scores of times elsewhere here at – we just don’t call it that (yes, we get lots of hate emails over the non-politically correct terms that we use). For example, we have got a guide on exerting control and domination on women (click here) as well as mind control (click here).

Now I’d be lying to you if I say that manipulating a woman’s mind is a trivial task. Well, truth be told, this process can indeed get quite tricky. After all, you will be manipulating someone’s mind and, in theory, control them. Plus, you might get tempted to use it for other purposes.

OUR LAWYERS MADE US WRITE THIS: You are responsible for your own actions.

Love in itself is already a very complicated thing to use it on, though, so try to limit your usage to this particular department. Here are the easiest ways to mess (don’t take that literally) with a woman’s mind and make her fall head over heels in love with you in the end.

  1. Use the October Man Sequence. The exact sequence is out of scope as far as this article is concerned. First exposed to the outside world by Neil Strauss of The Game fame, the October Man Sequence is perhaps the endgame as far as mind manipulation goes. Google it to find out more, or leave me a message below.
  2. Use Jealousy to Your Advantage. Since jealousy can bring about very strong feelings in women, a lot of people might advise you to steer clear of it altogether. However, in the world of mind manipulation, jealousy is a necessary evil. This means that you have to make the woman that you like a little jealous and wait for her to compete with the rest of the women that you are showering your attention on before making your next move.
  3. Condition Her. While conditioning a woman might take some time, it would be vital to condition her if you want to manipulate her mind in the end. To do this, make sure you give her little rewards whenever she does something that you like and punish her by ignoring her or paying more attention to other women whenever she does something that you don’t like. This stick-and-carrot approach works well especially when you use it together with a technique like fractionation.

Without a doubt, it can be very hard to randomly approach a woman that you really like and say the right things with hopes of getting her number or getting her to go out with you. While this may seem hard in your head, though, you have to learn to stop using your conscious mind and your logic for now and focus on your subconscious mind and your emotion for now – the same way that women do.

We here at are disciples of Derek Rake’s style of seduction; we reckon that his fractionation technique will stand the test of time as perhaps one of the best seduction technique ever to be invented in terms of effectiveness and ease of use. If you want to know the ENDGAME as far as Mind Manipulation techniques go, check out this link below.


Fractionation (Do NOT Share This Link)

Good luck!

– Matthew Dian Ganz (Baltimore Seduction Lair co-founder)


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  2. Go into more detail lol sooooo much more can be said

  3. iP Lyrics says:

    Cool but too short. It’s like teaching someone how to make a bomb. . .so many things involved 😉

  4. Women want to be given love, affection, attention, have a strong leader with integrity. Strength in the eyes of a woman when it comes to men is the strength to be vulnerable and the strength to be reciprocal. Women operate on the basis of reciprocity. So if you give a woman bad treatment, bad energy eventually you will get that in return. Maybe you will get a woman into bed, but all that your ejactualtion does is numb you to the reality that you are hurting someone, taking something you haven’t earned and don’t deserve. This shows that you are respectful, that you are able to put other people’s needs before your own and that you value her as a person. If you want to avoid the friend zone then make it very clear that you are getting to know her as someone who you might consider having a more serious relationship with in the future. If you end up having to let her down it will be a much softer fall. Most men are normal guys who are just clueless.

    • Betty, you may be onto something; however, women want to be treated like dirt. In my experiences, (18 years old) many women say I’m handsome, but I see a lot of guys who aren’t as blessed as me getting TONS of females. I’ve always been a jackass looking, drives a Camaro, I’m the typical, tattoos, gym-head, tight henley v-neck, slim-straight denim guy. I say this because this is what women supposedly want. I’m realizing though, women go for gangsters and low lives. The females around me, despite their class, tend to go for drug-dealers, thugs, and so forth. These women look like Kate Upton, but go for guys like Gucci Mane. You may not realize this, but females REALLY want a guy that doesn’t want them, and treats them like dirt. I used to be the “hey, I’m Dan, who are you? Are you from around here?” type of guy, but I’m realizing that women respond better to men that don’t pay them any attention outside of sexual attention. Women like men that are overly abrasive, almost bully-like, and who have no direction in life. I’ve tried being like this, and women somewhat respond better. If I totally ignore women, don’t look them in the eye, talk down to them, and tease them about their sexual promiscuity, it almost creates a longing in them for them to want to make amends with me, then they become interested.

      Through it all, I’ve found that I was both wrong and right. Women don’t want guys that pay them no mind. Think about it, If you’e a hot woman and every guy in the room talks to you before they leave, EXCEPT for one guy, who seems not to care that you even exist, you’re going to be wondering why he didn’t approach you, and there…in that instant…you’ve become mentally invested in him, which likely will turn into an emotional investment the more he ignores you.

      • Sorry Betty, but Danico is right. Women who have the guts to tell it like it is will agree with him as well. As a 33 year old male, I have been in my fair share of relationships and flings. Initial attraction is everything and the guy who tries to be respectful and “nice” upon approaching the opposite sex is setting himself up for another “oh, you are so nice and sweet … but …” Women want the man that doesn’t give a shit, has an attitude, and is a challenge. All of this bad energy crap is for those that want to make excuses about it. I’ve gotten more women now simply by being a douche than in my younger years when I thought “being nice” was the key.

        • Psyhology man says:

          Danico is right …… and stop listen to womens bullshit story ….. Women are massive liars ….. and I have tested womens brain many times and results were the same in 95% . Women dont like “nice guys” …. they like it only 10% …. if they now some facts that you are “bad” …. if not …. you can say goodbye to yourself. Womens are devil ….. a they like devils … and some are materialistic. When some women get old ….a they have money ….. then she look who are going to bed with her.

          • Jennifer says:

            Wow. Y’all are screwed up and will only find someone as screwed up as you.. you see things as a win-lose and wreak of the misogyny keeping you from “getting” the girl. Perhaps God can heal your misogyny enough to treat a WOMAN with respect. It’s not about quantity but quality.

        • I agree!

      • As women grow up, they get over a lot of the games. If quantity is what you want, then it’s probably the right approach, but if you ever want a relationship to last, you might want to try a different strategy. Treating people with kindness is never a bad decision. It’s also good to keep the fun in it though…

      • Those girls are just insecure, and jackasses prey on their insecurities to get what they want. Most girls are more secure and want a guy to respect them, but they will turn guys down if they aren’t interested in them or anything at the moment. Those who are interested, and did NOT already say no, require more patience on your part and will not throw themselves at you. If you just want a hook up, use an app.

        Insecure girls, who have little self-worth, will say yes to the first guy who looks in their direction, which is why it’s easier to hook up with them. And a lot of girls are insecure around your age. These girls may seem great on the surface, but they tend to be very clingy, extremely jealous and easily upset, crying at the littlest things quite often. You may not see this at first, but you will. Only girls who truly hate themselves want a guy who doesn’t desire them, ignores them and treats them like dirt. It’s very easy to take advantage of girls like this, but do you really feel comfortable treating a girl this way?

        You’ll find as you get older that most girls want a guy to respect them, and these girls tend to be much more fun and outgoing. When you approach a girl, make sure you look presentable. (The way you physically described yourself is my type, along with a lot of girls I know.) But personality is key. Try to be outgoing. Don’t put on a show or try to overly impress her, be personable. Patience, maturity, and generosity are important. A girl wants a guy to act like a man and be tough, but in a way that protects her and makes her feel safe. A girl does want a guy to be dominant in life but not in how you treat her. However, a lot of girls love to be manhandled and disrespected in the bedroom. Otherwise, respect is everything, and it’ll be much more worth it in the end.

        • I agree with Emily.

          It isn’t all about what you want at all. I learned that from experience – so if you like a girl, treat her differently from the others. In short, treat her like your queen, but don’t become too needy. Following her around all the time will get you nowhere!

        • I agree.

      • I’m sorry, but saying women WANT to be treated like dirt is the most bullshit statement ever. I’m a woman, and I can confidently say I do not want to be treated like that. I want respect, love, and care. Not ignorance from a man who THINKS he knows about women but really doesn’t. This article is bullshit, because if you have to manipulate a woman, that’s where you cross the line. Get a gf who actually wants to be with you instead of mentally enslaving her. The women I know also want the same thing I do, so I have no clue what type of women you talk to. You sound like the stereotypical guy who gets mad when they get “friendzoned”. Having a “Women-don’t-actually-want-respect” mentality is the most blind and uneducated state of mind a person could have. Girls that want gangsters and low lives are girls who have no aspirations and are materialistic, so trust me, by being a nice guy, you’ll eventually attract the right crowd. Don’t get bitter because you can’t get a girl.

        • You sound so bitter. This means that you’ve proven him right, ironically.

        • Hi,

          I respect every woman, because my mother is one! When you are in love you truly respect your partner in spite of everything. If this is about one night stands, then sorry – this discussion is not for me. Respect her. Love the reason she is with you. Don’t manipulate her.

      • Capo di Tutti Capi says:

        Don’t believe what women talk about relationship because they didn’t win the worldwide fame of being illogical from nothing. We know the type of guys they like.

        You want an example of women’s interest in having power? The 2014 FIFA worldcup … Here in southern Brazil has several descendants of Germans who are despised because women love the descendants of Venetians who immigrated to the southern States of Brazil in the last century. But at the World Cup we saw the true face of Brazilian women, because they have given free and easy sex to rich countries peoples… If they foreigns had the misfortune of being born in the South of my country would be considered ridiculous.

        Do you think the situation is negative in the United States? The guy just stops picking up women in the U.S. if it is stupid, because the Supreme factor of physical attraction is the muscle, and almost anyone who has money and is not lazy can have a highly attractive body.
        Here the thing is difficult because the supplements are expensive. Then, a tiny portion of men have money to be muscular and, consequently, earn a free pass to get all the girls, even having a face that features low genetic power. About the clothes and cars, here is the same thing as in first world countries, only on a smaller scale, considering the economy trash we have proportionately to the number of inhabitants. Where you live, the girls spread their legs for a guy who has a Murciellago, where I live 99% do free rotatory anal with whom he has a Camaro. Where you live you highlight using Armani and Rolex, while here you become an alpha using a Adidas sneakers because other ordinary men do not have money to buy. The guy who was born middle class in my country is destined to have the life of a god given right to fuck the prettiest girls in the world every single day without even having to say “Hello”.

        I don’t understand how you guys are whining. The Anglo-Saxon and Germanic women are the easiest to satisfy because of instincts. Have you seen the Russians talking about Slavic woman? Here also has woman slavic-descendant … and you need to have much status and have a lot of money (in other words, be alpha) to satisfact them.

        That’s why I want these girls go wash dishes than bother us. They are seeing that they can be seduced by regular guys (betas) and are revolting by reason of wanting to give her ass to powerful guys.

        They think it is correct to use excitant comportaments, high heels, padded bra, clothes to tighten belly, Fritts which increases the size of the butt and spend 7 pounds of makeup on her face to wake artificial emotions in us, but it is wrong to use psychological tools as a way to create attraction. 100% logical!!! Why? because they want us to be fools and flatterers… Say that it’s wrong is like saying “I want to enslave you with my bargaining power”…

      • You are right but have the wrong perspective.

        Women are competitive and love a man with options, not a guy who treats them like crap.

        Just treat them like your bratty little sister and have lots of girls around being sweet to you. That’s all it takes.

        The biological reason for this is they want the best sperm. So if it seems like a lot of women like you they will want a taste. Easy as that.

      • Girls get attracted to boys. Women get attracted to men.
        A woman is quick to gauge when someone is playing mind games with her and it’s usually a huge put off bcoz she’s so used to it. Mind games work on girls, not on headstrong women.

    • Exactly. I don’t know why a guy would go to all of this trouble, when all it takes is some generosity, respect, and maturity. And basic social cues will tell a guy if a girl is into him, which gives a green light to pursue. But if a girl isn’t into him, he should stop trying. He shouldn’t take any offense to it. Girls have all different types, so a guy shouldn’t waste his time chasing a girl who isn’t interested. Don’t believe the movies, she won’t change her mind, especially if the chasing doesn’t let up. And you’ll be overlooking girls who are interested.

      A guy should definitely try to look presentable, with a nice haircut and decent clothes, but personality is most important. A guy should always make small talk, and NEVER come on too strong or say anything sexual. It scares the girl and will immediately turn her off. The key is patience. If you’re just looking for a hook up, there’s many other apps and websites for that, like Tinder. But if you want more, then just be nice and respectful.

      • A women shouldn’t act like a narcissist and be stuck in the five year old daddy’s little girl syndrome.

        She should act like an individual mutual human bieng. Duck gender perceptions or what the duck you thing of social roles. It’s out of date.

    • I see so many women dating thuggy charming, simple dudes, I can’t help but say, there must be truth to this. No I don’t buy the , “she must have low self esteem” line. Nope, it is that she got owned, likely porked repeatedly. Of course women say, “i’d never fall for that etc”. Reminds me of a dude that saw me practicing TaeKwan Do claimed I could never hit him with a round kick. So we tested it. I threw 4 techniques at him #3 was the headshot round kick, 4 was a turnbuckle kick. I did not lay him out, but he protested. So I told him that he would never see it cause it is part of a combination of other techniques, once he got nailed , the rest was easy.

  5. so thats how u a teling me to turn then i wil do so a stop gving adamn shit

  6. This article is disgusting! What the hell is wrong with you guys? Why do you feel you have to manipulate a woman? Do you have any idea how much that can mess us a girls mind? You have no right to do that to anyone! If you aren’t honestly interested in her mind, feelings, needs or have anything in common with her, don’t pretend you do just so you can get her in bed! You guys all make me sick!

  7. “There is an ideology, a certain concept kown as the forbidden fruit.”

    You will get lost in a maze trying to figure out a womans mind because they truely dont fully understand it themselves.(men too, this isnt gender bashing). females are stimulated by emotions and they think more emotionally. they thrive off different energies then us.

    Understand this there are two types of categories women put you in subconciously due to evolution and conditioning: “The Provider” or the “Source of good genes”. A long lasting relationship is usually with “the provider” but these often lack emotional stimulation.. thus women sometimes go as far as to cheat or give you shit tests. the source of good genetics is often the one whom can stimulate her but she doesnt value him as much long term. so you invoking drama sometimes can make this change and you will be in both categories.

    Its not about treating them like dirt though. it about treating them like dirt then nice then dirt. there are nice guys and there are assholes. dont be one of them. mix them. go back and forth and be the person in no zone. she musnt be able to put you in one.

    To make her fall psychotically inlove even long term. cause lots of drama and mix it with aplogising being good to her and bring forth some abscense, her fear of losing you will dwelve into effectivly manipulating her. make an emotional rollercoaster. not bad only but good and bad.

    Women wont really admit, they thrive on emotion like we do porn or sports. thats why they always watch, soapies and chick flicks etc etc.

    This is truth, i have no proof. Its up to you if you take my word for it.

  8. Fraud is illegal. Defrauding anther human being is illegal. If manipulators intend to continue along this path, they will only bring negative energy and negative consequences. The bad karma they will acquire through time will eventually catch up to them … I’ve seen it first hand. The bad situations they make their beds in will eventually backfire on them, and they will lose a chance at REAL love, FOREVER, and they will NEVER be able to get it back!

    Any time you project a negative aspect or influence onto a person, or into a relationship (and/or vice versa), most relationships, whatever the basis, whether parent/child, husband/wife, etc, there will be serious repercussions that most people aren’t willing to weather, once they their real intent is found out.

    The best thing you can do to find REAL LOVE, is to be a REAL PERSON. Don’t manipulate, deceive, or lead people on about what you a want or don’t want. It WILL come back to haunt YOU in the worst way, especially when, from the start, one chooses to NOT BE a RESPECTABLE PERSON in general!

    You will find that like minds and energy draw the same. If it’s positive, it will endure and grow. If it’s negative, it will destroy itself, either immediately, or through a consistent, gradual inherent breakdown into total failure. That’s the bottom line, and that’s the reason there are so many divorces because so many people are marrying for all the wrong reasons — most of the reasons being of selfish origins from the onset of the relationship. Generations of children have been harmed as a result; and so have generations of adults.

    I hope people stop manipulating and deceiving people and start living a truly happy and honest life. You can’t have a happy life if you live with negative intentions.

    Be grateful you were given your life, because out of so many eggs and sperm, YOU were created. Make YOUR LIFE, and OTHERS’ LIVES, MATTER!

    The best way to fight corruption in government, is to live as a responsible citizen. Unfortunately, government most often reflect the orals of their citizenry, and lately, a lot of citizens have a lot to be ashamed of, for not taking responsibility for the harm they cause to others … the government inherently is having he same problem in how it is harming the moral majority. It is a two-way street, and it starts with each and every one of us treating each other with respect and consideration.

    And even more unfortunately, that is too hard for some people to do. Personally, I believe that for those who do intentionally manipulate, defraud and deceive, prison/isolation from the general public, is the only resolution that allow the bulk of good society to flourish. There is no “rehabilitation” for some people, and policy failures are becoming more and more apparent in addressing further victimization by these types of manipulators (criminals), and this needs to be corrected in our society.

    FAR TOO MANY PEOPLE are being victimized in this world, specifically BECAUSE they are vulnerable. Disgraceful that there aren’t truly GOOD PEOPLE in the world who ARE there to help, instead of manipulative people. Since it IS MLK Day, I will paraphrase attribute my last sentence in his honor:

    For it is great to be a good citizen and do what is right, but the greater sin in in NOT doing what is right (especially when you have the chance to make a difference by living by example).

  9. I met this guy about two months ago. At first he was super nice and I quite liked him. Then he started acting weird. For example, he would do something really nice like make a lovely dinner and then, two seconds later, just go cold, and ignore me for hours. He would sometimes wake up and be really bossy and mean, even though we had had a beautiful night the night before and I would be fully expecting a morning makeout session upon waking up. He would regularly talk about other girls a lot, and then, if I didn’t react, which I normally wouldn’t be inclined to do, it seemed like he would do it more and louder. He withheld affection, only occasionally touching me or putting his arm around me outside of sex. He never complimented me and made a point of subtly referencing my age on a regular basis (I am a few years older than him in this case). In between all of this stuff, though, we had a great time. We rode our bikes all over. We both love food and enjoyed shopping for ingredients and making meals together. We had movie nights. We spent nearly every day and night together. Two peas.
    However, I am quite clever. I do things like study Advanced Quantum Mechanics and Statistical Physics. Figuring things out is what I do best.
    I found myself thirsting for his attention and confused about where I stood with him all of the time. I didn’t like it and I found that it was due to the way that he was treating me and some of the, what I thought was odd, behaviours that he had. I tried bringing it up with him a couple of times, but, at first, I had a hard time expressing what I was perceiving to be happening and he just flipped it back around on me.
    I began to wonder if he was doing it on purpose. Mostly, because it didn’t seem natural to me how he would go from being so close to me to being so distant and cold. And then it happened that I remembered hearing about tactics that men use to manipulate women and that there were online communities where this information is shared and people find support for their manipulations. I couldn’t remember, at first, where I had first heard about this, but it turns out that it was from a Criminal Minds episode that I saw several years ago.
    Some of the things that my partner was doing to me were exactly the tactics that I had remembered hearing about. I began to wonder if he was actually using these tactics on me.
    Of course, it sounds insane. Completely paranoid. Not a thought that I really wanted to spend too much time entertaining.
    So, Wednesday night and Thursday, all day and night, of this week, we had the most special time together. Just really beautiful. We kissed a lot which was unusual. We walked around a market and bought some buckwheat honey and some nice cheeses, which we were both really excited about. We spent a long time in bed together. It was blissful.
    Friday morning, everything changed. He threw his arm off of me when he woke up and just jumped out of bed. He didn’t touch me the whole day and was acting so distant that I was uncomfortable even attempting to touch him.
    By Friday night, I was leaning more toward that it wasn’t crazy or paranoid that he was doing this on purpose. I was thinking that probably he was.
    Saturday morning, as I was making coffee, I casually asked him, “Hey, have you ever read this stuff on the internet about how to manipulate women?”
    He responded, and I mean with these actual words, “Well, women asked for it when they started asking for rights.”
    I can not begin to describe to you the actual shock that I felt upon hearing those words.
    After a few hours of on and off conversation, during which it was a small miracle that I was able to keep my cool, he admitted it to me.
    He said, “I have been just manipulating and using you from the very beginning. I am sorry that you were my target.”
    I had believed that I was having an authentic experience with somebody.
    I had been intimate with him.
    My first thought was, literally, “I am going to cut you.”
    I didn’t.
    My next several thoughts were of killing myself. Because I had had sex with this person. Because it “worked” and I had been intimate with him.
    I was so revolted by it and hated myself so much.
    He quickly just left, I think because he was scared even though I hadn’t even yelled at him. I think he realized that, when you fuck with a person’s head so bad like that, and then have sex with them, and then they figure it out . . . it’s hard to predict what they might do, and they might do some crazy ass shit.
    My friend Chrissy came to get me and my stuff out of his place. I was out of my mind all night.
    That was yesterday.
    Today I have learned all about this bullcrap that was just perpetrated on me.
    I am going to need serious therapy in order to ever be able to trust someone again enough to be intimate with them, if I ever can.
    I am officially scared.
    Also, I think I might be pregnant. I had been worried about for the last few days and can’t bring myself to go get the test right now.
    I want to say that maybe people are confused about what women want. I don’t think it’s fair to generalize the wants and needs of an entire gender. We are all individuals who deserve to have our hearts, minds and bodies respected by those we share them with.
    I do know for sure one thing that I don’t want, and that I am pretty sure that no one would want, regardless of their gender.
    I don’t want to find out that I have shared my heart, mind and body with someone who was practically and deliberately trying to brainwash me into doing so.
    But that’s what I got.
    So, fuck all you people who do this sort of thing to other people. Men or women. The world would be a better place without you.

    • Minako Haizawa says:

      Last year, I met a guy that was exactly like the guy you were talking about. He would be super nice and sweet one day, and ignore me the next. That happened for around a week (I dated him for around a year before it started to happen). At first, it wasn’t that bad and I thought he was having a couple of bad days. So I let him off. Then, on a Sunday, He was really kind and all smiles in the morning, and we had a fun day. But the next morning, his attitude completely changed. The first thing I heard him say to me in the morning was wake up bitch. I kneed him in the groin after hearing that. I wasn’t even fully awake. I just kneed him out of instinct. And while he was on the floor clutching his crotch, I grabbed his phone and deleted my number, and threw it at him. I remember saying to him- don’t think I’m going to tolerate any of your crappy attitude, you dick. When I asked him why he did this, he told me that he was just using me for his own gain. I was so shocked, I was surprised I didn’t slap him or hit him. I just stuffed the stuff I had at his house in my bag, (I didn’t bring everything, just clothes and three pairs of shoes) and left.

      No one should be manipulated like that. I have pretty much lost all trust in men… So I don’t see how this method is supposed to bind women to a man’s will. And Penelope, even if I didn;t do anything intimate with him, I can totally relate to what your feeling right now.

    • So well said Minako,

      I am a guy and this happened to me. In a three year relationship and the last year was hell. She changed overnight and I can attribute it to some people she met (certain type of woman). I was what you would call “gaslighted” as well. Look it up, it’s a form of torture where they make you think you’re going crazy.

      I’m not going into the ins and outs but we all need to ditch this gender war and start treating indivuduals with Love and Respect.

      The end result was I moved out and that day she broke down and started crying and said she was sorry for everything, but I could not get her to say what she was exactly sorry for. Just like I could not get real conversation about what the problem really was and why all this BS was happening. This was the reason I moved out and left her.

      I asked her again why she was sorry and was it because there was someone else on the scene in the last year and didn’t have the courage to come clean. She said no never (and that really wasn’t her style), but she had palpible guilt for something. I really believed that there was someone else, but on hindsight when she was “putting me through the mill”, I felt that she was happy to let me think there was someone else.

      The bottom line is trust your instincts boys and girls, when things get weird and silly BS starts, because it has taken me over a year to sort out my head. I gave up my job, it really put me on the floor and to this day, I still don’t know exactly what went on. I had to leave for my sanity and it’s still sometimes a struggle to resume normal life operations.

      As far as trust goes, it’s sad because even if the most honest beautiful woman with integrity will appear “to good to be true” and that’s a problem for me.

      So basically for all you Men and Women out there that read all these books on what I would essentially call “gender warfare”, SHAME ON YOU, you are weak dishonest and something is sadly lacking in your character.

      I have not seen any woman since because I have to get myself sorted and “THE BUCK STOPS HERE”. I will deal with these issues and get my trust and optimism back. What I won’t do is “move onto the next one”, and make then suffer because of someone who turned out to be a POS has decided it was fun to fuck me over.

      I fully believe that staying on the side of honesty, integrity and wholeheartedness will reward me with a life partner that holds the same values as me.

      Oh and P.S: I have seen time and time again people that lie, manipulate, cheat and enjoy fucking people up. Give it a year or two and you will see them on there sorry arse, wondering why life sucks so bad and nobody wants to know them.

  10. Don’t think women are so stupid we don’t know what’s going on!

    Yeah, maybe a chick will sleep with you but honestly she is probably also telling her friends and brothers how much of a jerk you treat her as well, dissing you out. There will always be the friend in her ear telling her how much of a loser you really are and that you are probably compensating for a tiny package or some insecurities.

    Eventually you could have a bad reputation because women talk and people do find out they are connected knowing each other, or even FB these days.

    Deep down women know how they really should be treated even if some put up with your B.S. for awhile. And when women talk and share stories it will probably magnify their ill will towards you.

    Think about it!

  11. Random Female says:

    Wow. People are stupid. Reading this article was cringeworthy, but the comments from the guys who believe this horseshit takes the cake. There is no argument that can be won with bad grammar and spelling if you want people to take your opinion seriously.

    Here’s a novel idea about what women want. They want the same thing as you, true connection with another person who respects and loves them. All you men may claim that you just want to fuck tons of women, but you’re not fooling anyone, but yourself. Everyone wants human connection, whether they are cognizant of it, or not. This is part of the human condition. That’s why you can fuck, fuck, and fuck all the hot bitches you can manage to get into your bed, and you’ll still be left feeling empty and alone, because you’re trying to fill a void that cannot be filled with meaningless, superficial sex. Just like it can’t be filled with donuts, gambling, or heroin.

    While it’s sure nice to have someone lust after your body, we know men want to be valued for their substance, and surprisingly, so do women. What we also want, sex. You aren’t alone here, guys. But, we don’t want to have sex with some dude, who’s only interest is a notch on their bedpost; even if it’s casual we’d rather not have sex with someone who’ll make us feel dirty in the worst of ways. We want to feel dirty in the best way possible. Just. Like. You.

    • Very true; but people can indeed experience intense intimacy and connection while having sex with someone they do not know.

  12. NotThatItMattersWhatIThink says:

    I believe manipulation and deception often go hand-in-hand, but, in the right circumstance can be two different things, based off intention. For example, sometimes you have to manipulate your children or employees to do what you would like them to do by using rewards. There is nothing wrong with this when the intent is for the embetterment of everyone involved. Can the samething be said about men manipulating women, or women manipulating men? In my opinion, ( mind you this is just my opinion), it all depends on the intent behind it. Manipulation can be used for positive outcomes. Any other type of manipulation should be punished.

    • N3wlight7 says:

      I agree with you totally. I am a woman and there’s some type of manipulation that goes on in almost every situation. I feel that as long as it’s for the better, why not? As long as there’s no harm being done. Depending on the situation, it could be a fare exchange in many different ways.

  13. The real Tony Monatana says:

    I am a guy that girls normally describe me as hot, handsome, sexy.. whatever… in fact they even say I am best flirter or smooth talker they know etc. Yet I get far less girls then other guys I know… In fact I am now disgusted by girls when I see what they are up to with guys who have absolutely no respect or wish to be with them but simply want to fuck them and the girls know this. I know a guy who could be considered Ugly, has numerous health issues yet has hundreds of videos with hot girls doing all sorts of dirty things to them. I am disgusted and I am starting to think the only way to treat women from now on is to use them purely for my own sexual desires.. get what I want and goodbye. I dont want to be the serious relationship guy with girls who have gone through that kind of stuff with some sick ugly fucks.

    • Good for you man. Bitches aint shit. Many girls/women claim that they want a caring guy, but they’re probably saying that’s what they want in the real long run, not what they want in the short term.
      And in the short term, they want to be fucked and abused and treated like shit from dominant males.

      • this is the mainstay about the girls. I am a good looking guy and doctor. I have been very studious in school colleges and just wanted to have an honest long term relation with just one girl. Every girl come to me first to initiate a talk and start appreciating my eyes and physique. When i start finding her as potential gf, i showed interest in them. I cared for them. I bought everything they wanted like even a car for one. But finally they went away for a guy like one who just spend their gf’s money and use them as fuck toy. Every time these girls used to tell me that how much they want a stable long term relation with an honest and caring guy like me but they did exactly opposite to that.
        I had 2 years relation with a girl who was not even beautiful or hot but i decided to prefer her than hot come and go type of girls. We even engaged and had to marry 6 month later and then i found one day she was lying me at the back.
        Then i started treating girls just for fuck and forget. Never cared for one. I always forget the imp dates for them like bday etc. Even flirt others in front of girl i am dating. And now i have surplus of girls lol who are ever ready to lay on my bed, paying my bills, lying their bf for me. They now make me feel like naughty prince. Who can do what ever he wants irrespective of others desires but these girls remain with him.
        If its what the girls want then i dont mind lol

        • Basically all girls above replying (and in fact most of the girls in world) intend to say that its all good when we girls flirt hiding behind the words like “girls need respect,kindness,generosity” but you guys are sick if u do a fraction of what we do (fuck and forget)

    • Remember there are nice women looking for nice men… Manipulation is wrong and can cause psychological wounds to a nice girl long term .. So stay nice

  14. Neanderthal says:

    Lets be honest with ourselves here. “Nice” men are often viewed as a door mat to the majority of women out there. These are the guys women call up when their asshole boyfriend or husband has shit on them, once again. Then when the ahole comes running back, so do they. These “nice guys” become tired of being the plan B.
    Bringing them to search for these tactics in an attempt to finally gain the upper hand in the psychological warfare we call the dating game.
    If you want a good man, ladies- act like it. Stop keeping your “good man” at arms length- dragging him by your little puppet strings as though he doesn’t recognize you are just waiting for someone “better, hotter, wealthier-or higher up the social food chain” in which you are dying to climb.
    I call this “grass is greener syndrome”, and 90% of you are infected. Obviously these men would love to have someone just like you.
    Clearly they are out of options and are only in search of a means to level the playing field. Unfortunately the vast majority of women are too self absorbed to recognize it. Stuck believing they are still daddys little princesses, and always deserve better. Seemingly never recognizing their own faults. Why can’t a man just be accepted for his faults and short comings?
    Take a look at our social media, full of women sexualizing themselves with risque selfies even when in commited relationships. Always on the hunt, but we are the pigs.

    • “asshole boyfriend”, lol, he may be, but not always because he shit on her (that’s just her story or delusion), he was an asshole for taking her back again because he hoped she learned, they never do it appears. I had an ex who tried to make me jealous when I broke up with her. But I don’t get jealous and told her she should go with him. TWICE the poor guy traveled halfway around the world to get dumped on arrival BEFORE I was too STUPID and let her come back. Not really sure who the bigger fool was, him or me. I guess me, I knew the truth about what she was doing to him, he didn’t know she was full of shit about what was going on with me.

  15. This can trigger very deep abandonment wounds in the women you manipulate, and in return is activating your own abandonment injury so if you are really lucky, you might just experience crazy love. The kind of love that spirals out of control and really ends up messing with your mind leading to addiction. Good luck with that. Oh by the way, some women were conditioned already in early childhood and were raised this was by another person who was likely to be an attachment figure or a person they bonded with. When they finally wake up and realise that the person they thought they were falling in love with reminds them of another abuser will eventually go into survival and wake up. Eventually the abuser will be abandoned.

  16. This is wrong manipulating can seriously damage people … Lots of women are just looking for a decent honest man, how about you try being this instead

    • Let me ask you. What is the point in being a decent, honest man when most women who see the decent honest man decide he’s a creep from the get-go? Is it that bad for men to try to be what women ask for from the start? Apparantly it is bad enough that men actually have to resort to being the manipulator that women abhor just to get women to feel more comfortable with the men who already *tried* showing they were ‘decent and honest’ as asked.

      The problem is, women don’t want men to feel like they ‘won’ the dating game. The whole decent, honest man thing is rejected by women because if they went with a decent honest man from the start, the decent, honest man ‘won’ them. That is why the men turn to such manipulation, the get women to switch mentalities and become obsessed with ‘winning’ and ‘changing’ the man. If a woman can get just close enough to find the ‘real’ person inside the emotional maze, if they can ‘tame’ the man, they get the feeling of superiority.

  17. Ashley E.H. says:

    My lawyer had me write this for you: You’re a jerk. I am my own lawyer, maybe.

  18. Ashley you’re a bitch!

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