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Why Girls Like Bad Boys – And What You Can Do About It

Girls choosing bad boys over nice guys happens all the time. – whether in college, in movies, in books or pretty much everywhere. Bad boys, after all, are also everywhere coming in all sizes, shape and oozing with sex appeal. If you’re a nice guy who finished last or lost a girl to a bad guy, below are some theories why women have an incurable aficionado on bad guys.


Why Girls Like Bad Boys – And What You Can Do About It

stockxpertcom_id401190_size1>>>>>> The Thrill of the Chase
Going after what you want is always thrilling. But what’s even more exciting is going after someone who doesn’t really want to be chased, caught or understood. That’s how it is with bad guys. Women love men who are mysterious or needs figuring out. And in order to use this thrill to your advantage, sometimes you need to leave women guessing. If you like her, try not to wear it on your sleeves. Instead afford her the chance to also win you over by putting on your mysterious side from time to time. A sure way on How to Get Inside a Woman’s Mind.

>>>>>> A Chance to Tame Him
Another element of the infamous “bad guy” appeal is the chance to tame one. Women, in her natural mother’s instincts fashion, have a need to transform bad guys into nice ones. In a way, this makes them feel empowered, fulfilled or simply in control. It feeds their inner womanhood which is why men should challenge women once in a while. Be a rebel but definitely not a criminal. Be dangerous but not to a point that will instill fear in her. In essence, let them bring out the best in you, allowing them to tame your wild ways and become a real man in the process.

>>>>>> Oozing MasculinityiStock_000008701262XLarge
Bad guys almost always win over nice guys because they’re oozing with masculinity and palpable sex appeal. It’s the fearlessness exuding in bad guys that hook women up. Most women are attracted to tough, dangerous and strong guys because it means they can’t be pushed over or manipulated. When you can stand up against her demands and bad ways, it only means you’re able to handle her when necessary. In order to portray a certain level of fearlessness, you need to show your girl you are man enough to protect or stand up against her.

>>>>>> Renowned for Commitment Issues
Synonymous with bad guys are lack of commitment or unavailability. For women who has the same fears, bad guys are too sexy to resist. Since women know they won’t commit, there is no need to deal with feelings of falling in and out of love. It also means good news for girls who are only ready for short-term flings or hook-ups at the moment. At the end of the day, however, even bad guys or bad girls for that matter also secretly desire to be loved. What you can do is gauge the opposite sex’s commitment issues and start from there.

Whether you like it or not, bad guys will always hold a dear place in women’s hearts. There’s just something in them that causes women to fall head over heels in love with. But that doesn’t mean nice guys should become bad guys in order to win over the girl of your dreams. What you can do is strike a balance. Always be the person that you really are while making sure to also infuse some rebellious hints of your bad boy persona. If there’s something good in each one, there’s also the bad side which you can use to your favor.

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